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Adults Get More From Our MMAX Classes..

Adults will learn effective self-defence, will feel much more safe and confident in todays society, plus our classes can push your level of fitness beyond your expectations. MMAX schools have an excellent blend of practical street smart protection, fitness which combined is a superb form of stress management or an exciting new hobby. Getting in shape and feeling good offers a balance to our often busy and demanding lives and this is one of the main reasons why so many adults are training in our our classes.
Martial Arts improves the quality of your life by teaching  you valuable life and success skills such as mental focus. discipline, self control and life balance.adults only martial arts

Evolution and Traditional Values
Our adult martial arts network classes offer exciting and evolving techniques that are deeply rooted in tradition with progressive, innovative teaching methods and philosophies from what we believe to be some of the most effective martial art disciplines from around the world. We have both men and lady Instructors throughout our network and some schools teach gender specific classes too.

An Exciting Variety For You To Study
Each Instructor specialises or is mastering their chosen martial art but also has a vast array of superb martial arts ability, skills and train regularly across the different martial art disciplines. Each school page will have icons to show you what they specialise in and their experience that will benefit you for an enjoyable experience. We have fully certified Instructors that teach the following:
• Thai Boxing
• Submission Grappling
• Taekwondo (ITF & WTF)
• Kali (Filipino Stick Fighting and knife self-defence)
• Streetwise Combat (an effective reality based method of self defence)
• Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
• Mixed Martial Arts (MMA, UFC)
• K1/Thai Kickboxing
These are all simple, powerful and effective methods of self protection and outstanding result in fitness that really work in a very short time. Click on the martial arts styles for more information.

Techniques That Really Work
As a part of our structored classes you will be taught various striking, blocking, kicking drills and exercises that build foundation, functional and effective technique. They offer focus, mental discipline and practical self defence against single and multiple attackers. All the classes are taught in a friendly and rewarding atmosphere and taught by energetic world and national qualified Instructors.

Sports and Competing in Martial Arts
We are a part of an International and world competion circuit and some students enjoy and want to compete, testing their outstanding skills to the maximum. Sparring, which is optional, builds reflex, timing and "how to react" spontaneously without knowing your opponents attack.  We at  martial arts network have world class coaches to help anyone reach their true potentual and to be the best person they can through self discipline, self confidence and self respect. We have very successful GB teams in all the styles and continiously developing World, European, British and English ability year in year out.

Don't Delay Give Us A Call
Trying our classes is easy and FREE
Step 1- Click on the find a school section
Step 2- Read the location and times of your chosen class
Step 3- Fill in the free voucher form and print voucher
Step 4- Just turn up 5 minutes before and meet our friendly Instructors. Don't forget you can bring your friend to.

Still need more information then call the school Instructor and they will be happy to answer all of your questions. Remember you always get a FREE lesson and an information pack when you try one of our classes.

Get a free voucher HERE to try any local MMAX UK schools today and enjoy the results.

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