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Instructors It’s Time To Join Our Network - Don't Wait Any Longer..

Martial artists join our network and take your club to the next level

Due to our expanding reputation throughout the UK, MA Network amazing success story only gets bigger and better. Demand for our Instructors is at an all time high with more schools, sports centres and community groups asking for MA Network Instructors so we are looking for forward thinking, dynamic Instructors who wish to learn or take their teaching skills to an exciting new level and enjoy teaching with like minded Instructors with the UK's fastest growing martial arts network.

We appreciate all our Instructors- If you have or are training in martial arts and you feel you're not going anywhere, appreciated, charged too much, not supported or not able to open a professional school in your area due to politics, we may have just what you are looking for. We also have excellent career opportunities for those who would like to teach full time.

What We Don't Do -

  • We don't charge Instructors expensive fees (licence, grading and seminars)
  • We don't embarrass you or your students
  • We don't host unprofessional events
  • We don't let you down

We don't tell you how to run your school but we will help and advise you to a level that you are comfortable with. Whether you want to teach as a hobby, semi professional or full time professional we have vast experience and have some of the most successful instructors in the industry.

What We Will Do -

  • We will help you set up your school/gym
  • We will help you to improve you and your students knowledge and ability
  • We will give you access to MA Network world leading marketing
  • We will listen to you and give you helpful advice
  • We will help you get certified and recognised to the highest standards available including world regonition
  • We will help host or promote events/competitions that you and your students will enjoy
  • We will give you a new sense of confidence and wellbeing
  • We host many world class seminars throughout the year for all to enjoy
  • We will add your schools to the MA Network website
  • We appreciate and value all of our Instructors
  • We network with some of the best Instructors and supply seminars, teaching or learning and being certified in another martial arts system, These World class martial arts Instructors have some of the most successful martial arts schools or reputations in the World. Monthly seminars are available, click here to see some of the world recognised martial artist who share their superb techniques with our Instructors.......

Our Instructor Training And On Going Help Is The Best - All new Instructors regardless of style, will be shown some of the most advanced teaching methods and have access to some of the world's most prestigious mixed martial artists. This has made MA Network schools reputation second to none and is one of the fastest growing martial arts associations in the UK with over 1200 new members joining in our first year alone. We have ongoing help and professional advice if needed 7 days a week and will take great pleasure in showing you how to professionally build, market and grow your school to become the best community martial arts club, gym or school in your area.

Qualifications That Are Nationally Recognised - Our instructors have nationally recognised qualifications in the UK and have access to many courses and networking opportunities throughout the year. They can attend many conventions/seminars throughout the World and are able to train and learn from some of the best martial artist on the planet to help advance their skills to a new and superb martial art level.

All Our Black Belt Grades Are Internationally Accredited By The World's Largest Organisations - All MA Network Instructors can train and grade under many different masters and martial arts disciplines. All MA Network black belts will be registered on the world's largest black belt international credited data base. We can help you be recognised by Local councils/schools and our Instructors can study and certify in many national NVQ or equivalent qualifications related to coaching, child protection, risk assessment and martial arts ' There is no better training in the UK'.

Listen to what some of our instructor have to say:

Mr Palcic - Mrs Webster - Mr Cowell - Mrs Walker - Mr Lashmar

Represent us all over the world - Regardless of what style back ground you have (MMA, Kickboxing, Grappling, Taekwon-do, free style and so on....) we are always looking for students to develop and represent MA Network around the world, so we host many competition training sessions or send you to different selections representing the world largest martial art bodies. If you or your students have what it takes we may be what you are looking for.

We Look Forward To Hearing From You - All students, Black belt, Instructors and group inquiries that feel they would like to know more about joining or becoming a full or affiliated MA Network school or new Instructor, please email or call 07925 535952 and leave the rest to us. All inquiries will be kept private and confidential.

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