Ladies Only Kickboxing

Ladies Only Kickboxing Help Boost Confidence & Fitness

Come on ladies here is the perfect class to help you burn fat, build confidence and is lots of fun for women of all shapes and sizes from the age of 12yrs and above. We also teach girls only(6-11yrs) click here for more information.

ladies only kickboxingMartial Arts Network Ladies only classes is dedicated to helping people develop confidence through self defence skills.We offer a superb platform to develop individual confidence and improve fitness. Each class is a high energy, fat burning workout which will also help give great tone to your body.

Classes are taught by fully qualified instructors in a comfortable and safe environment. All abilities and fitness levels are welcomed and our class atmosphere is both fun and rewarding. We also teach all of our ladies simple awareness and street wise safety/self defence whilst getting in great shape instructors in this field.

Our classes have a diverse range of enthusiastic members. We incorporate fitness and flexibility into the classes and our modern teaching techniques focus on helping students become self confident while improving fitness, gaining self respect and setting personal goals. This in turn promotes a positive attitude and sense of achievement as you progress.

Whether you are interested in our classes for fitness, personal safety, confidence building or just to socialise there is something here for you!

Don't wait any longer, try a FREE class today on us!. We look forward to meeting you very soon.

Ladies Only Kickboxing

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