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kickboxingThe Evolution of kickboxing is Now Here 'FUSION KICKBOXING'
Fusion Kickboxing is a new era in world class combative kickboxing and only lauched in 2014 is already getting the world talking. There are 3 systems of kickboxing in this combined evolution Thaiboxing, K1 and freestyle Kickboxing, plus many years of tried and tested training methods using from some of the best combinations, cross HiiT fitness routines available to evolve what we think is the most up todate training system in any oragnisation out there and over the next few years we hope to show the world our results.tapout

Martial Arts Network Fusion Kickboxing is a part of a whole network of the worlds leading kickboxing associations and regularly compete on semi and full contact competition circuitsĀ  with other like minded UK kickboxing Instructors at inter-club (amateur) , semi pro (under card full contact fights) and Pro fight nights (title fights) throughout the UK and abroad. The world governing bodies which host professional world class competitions which are supported by MA Network and their students are as follows:FUSION_KICKBOXING Short

ISKA International Sport Kickboxing Association
WKA World Kickboxing Association
WAKO World Amateur Kickboxing Organisation
WKMA World Kickboxing Martial Arts


manetworknicbaleKickboxing – Thai Boxing – K1 – Fusion Kickboxing